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Light Novel APP is a mobile application that allows us to read light novels, web novels and other content from our computer. If possible, we recommend using a payment alternative like Webnovel or Amazon. However, we understand that these alternatives may not be affordable for you, or they just don’t have the light novel you want to read in their catalog.

What is Light Novel App for Android and what is it for?

Light Novel App APK is the mobile application of the Light Novel PDF web, in which we will have the same repertoire of light novels that we have in the web version. It should be noted that Light Novel PDF was launched just a few months ago, so of all the applications that exist to see light novels we are facing the newest, most updated and therefore the most efficient of all.

Light Novel Reader APK

Our app offers an experience identical to what can be found on our website These are the technical specifications of the application:

ApplicationLight Novel APP
Last version0.0.1
Update date11/20/2020
Size20 MB
App typeAPK
Development StatusBeta

Download: Light Novel App APK

How to install Light Novel App for Android

The installation process is very simple, like any other Android application that cannot be found on Google Play:

  1. Download the .apk file and open it on your Android using a file manager.
  2. If it doesn’t allow you to install it directly, grant permissions from Android to install apps of unknown origin.
  3. Enjoy all the Movidy series and movies.

Light Novel APK Features: How to use Light Novel APP APK?

As for the features and functionalities of Light Novel APK, they are exactly the same as those found in the web version, so the Light Novel APK could not be more complete, everything you have done in the PC version you can do from your mobile device. Next, we detail each and every one of the functionalities:

  • Novels: a wide catalog of light novels from different platforms and producers …
  • Feedback: The application is in its Beta phase, so you can help to create the best light novel application.

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