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十一月 12, 2020

"Don't talk nonsense! Even if you both quarrel, don't make people say so bad." Zhu said with a smile. After a pause, she raised an eyebrow and asked a little hesitantly: "...when you quarrel, don't you?"

Lin Sanji shook his head and did not continue to say. It is also no wonder that Zhu Mei does not believe it - this kind of words is said to be exported, even she feels ridiculous. Probably not sleeping well in these few days, the spirit is a little anxious... Lin Sanjiu took two colas, and I don’t know what it was. She said half-jokingly: "If one day, there is a policeman who asks you, I usually do it. And who is vengeful..."

The latter half of the sentence, like a gust of wind blowing from the side, did not listen to the ears of Lin Sanjiu. Her cat-like eyes swept outside the window, and the lines of her chin were tautly tightened.

Just then, the noisy McDonald's door suddenly calmed down for a few seconds. As the light at the door was dark, a tall man walked in without a break, and several customers who were waiting in line unconsciously stepped back two steps and gave him a way.

As he settled, the air was immersed in a faint smell of Davidoff's cold water.


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