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十月 29, 2020

And on this day, there was a small figure stepping into this place cautiously with fear. This was a little boy with black hair and black eyes, about six or seven years old. However, such a boy resolutely stepped into this low-level The soul master regards the death as a restricted area.

Su Luo didn't know who his biological parents were. According to the manager of the institution that adopted him, he was thrown in front of their door and adopted by them when he was still a baby.

The place where he adopted him is called Wuhundian. According to the books he has read, the predecessor of Wuhundian is the Holy See of Light, a powerful force that has ruled the entire continent for thousands of years, and there have been gods-angels.

Of course, Wuhun Temple is still one of the dominant forces in the entire continent.

But a year ago, Su Luo didn't have any good feelings for Wuhun Hall.


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