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十一月 19, 2020

Throughout today's mainstream historical web novels, excellent works are everywhere, refreshing, often relying on the black technology of later generations to crush the previous generation of indigenous people, I don't know when to start, has become the mainstream of web text.

The popularity of a Korean star is often higher than that of a generation of emperors such as Qin Huang Han Wu, Tang Zong Song Zu, and the protagonist of this book, who is called by the historians of later generations to only extend the anger of the Chinese (Wang Fuzhi). To win the country, the great emperor (Xia Zengyou), unparalleled since Henkel, is even more aware.

Thanks to the platform of starting point, there are a large number of book friends who can make Tiandao feel that he is not alone. Tiandao knows that his novels are not cool enough, not white enough, and there is no two-way crossing of modern ancient times.

It can be said that after reading the book of Heavenly Dao, the history of the Jin and Southern and Northern Dynasties can be reversed from now on. You can have an understanding of the events, customs and systems of this era, so that those famous heroes and traitors, heroes and villains, Heavenly Dao will let They are as fresh as possible in this book, with blood and flesh, which impress everyone.

As for the content of this article, it is easy to draft, hoping to make everyone more satisfied, at least Tiandao himself is quite satisfied with the quality of the previous article.


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