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十一月 21, 2020

For a country boy who has just turned 13 years old, Joan Vida, who has passed the Leiden College entrance examination and has officially become a "mage apprentice", should be proud, but when he thinks of what the examiner said to him, It will inevitably be depressed.

Joan walked alone in the snow hundreds of miles away from home, not for adventure. Before being exposed to arcane knowledge, he was no different from other boys of the same age in Delin Township. He had never expected that he would leave the town one day and go out to the world alone.

Compared with the various languages ​​and words created by humans, the elven language's biggest feature is that it has a special "rhythm", and it has a particularly high affinity with the "magic net". It is easier to guide, shape and control the magic. Therefore, the magic books that are popular in the world today are written in elven text. Of course, Elven language is not the only magic code. Those ancient races, such as giants, dwarves, and dragons, who lived in this land before the birth of humans, and have almost the same history as elves, also have their own languages, and Can also be used as a spell spell. It’s just that the relationship between these races and human ancestors is not as close as elves, and the impact on early human society is not as great as elves. Humans who understand the characters of giants, dwarves, and dragons are even rarer. The magic scroll and the ancient scripts written above Books are far rarer than those written in elven text.

Joan was eager to read the church collection, and was particularly interested in history, geography, and mathematics books. As for the theological books that Mr. Pastor repeatedly recommended to him, he was not too interested. Perhaps because of his character, Joan couldn’t convince himself to devote his mind and body to a certain spirit. Instead of expecting the spirit to reach out to help him change his real dilemma, instead of using faith for gifts, he would rather rely on his knowledge to change his destiny, even in the end. It cannot be changed, at least the initiative is in your own hands.

In addition to the church, there is only one grocery store in Delin Township that also runs a mortgage **** business and occasionally sells books. Joan is a frequent visitor to this shop, usually leaving while disappointed. Until a year ago, Joan accidentally found a consignment scroll in the grocery store, and he was pleasantly surprised that the scroll was densely filled with elven text, probably a spell scroll.


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