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语言: 汉语

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十一月 30, 2020

Yunlong County, Qingyun City Martial Hall.

Waking up from his deep sleep, Luo Xiu took a breath, and felt the tearing pain in his body.

This scream affected the injury of the broken rib in his chest, and it made him grin again in pain.

He remembered that Liu Yuxin, whom he had always had a crush on, was entangled by Zhang Hao, the infamous dude among the Wudian students. He was also very hot at the time and rushed forward.

Before he fell into a coma, Zhang Hao stepped on his chest with a heavy foot and a heavy shot. His ribs broke on the spot. The beads placed next to him were also squeezed by a heavy blow and embedded in the flesh and blood. The bead chuckled and got into his body.


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