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30 章节 160 意见 Feng Wuji Guang 作者 2020 状态...


语言: 汉语

5 (1 票数)

十一月 12, 2020

Tianyuan Dynasty, Tianyu City.

At this moment, a young man in a red robe was walking on the busy street.

He carried an empty scabbard without a sword on his back. The scabbard was engraved with a mysterious pattern, giving a deep and unpredictable feeling.

"Perhaps the only thing that can comfort me is that the time flow of the fairy world and the mortal world is different by a thousand times. For three thousand years of the fairy world, the star continent has only passed three years." Looking at the streets in memory, it reappeared. In front of him, Yun Qingyan suddenly sighed in his heart.

Yun Qingyan couldn't help but be excited when he thought about seeing his loved ones. For the loved ones, they only separated by three years, but for Yun Qingyan, he left his family for 3,000 years.


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