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十二月 15, 2020

Lu Jun quickly scanned the surrounding environment. He was in the carriage of a magnetic energy truck. A fat man in the driver's seat was concentrating on driving. A thin man in the passenger seat was humming a song. The big scared man, he was lowering his head to play with the Tianxun in his hand. Lu Jun's heart sank. He knew these people, they were the people he organized, but why did they torture him?

They are the arrogant girls born with the golden key. Lu Jun often read their news on Tianxun. The sister Ruan Bing is very capable of working and belongs to the kind of very cold and serious girl, the younger sister Ruan Xue. The personality is completely opposite to her, lively and cute, they are much loved and sought after in the outside world.

Usually the Lu Army and them are people from two worlds. I didn’t expect to be able to meet so close this time, although the environment and timing are not very good...

Suddenly Scarface raised his head, Lu Jun quickly closed his eyes, and his breathing became nonchalant.

"Sure, I smoke a cigarette too, shit, I ran all night." Lu Jun opened his eyes slightly and saw the fat man in the cab stop and complain.


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