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十二月 03, 2020

In the vast Continent, North Desert, and Outer Sect of the Broken Blade Sect, in the vast martial arts field, a young man in white was crawling on the ground, his body motionless.

He, Ye Qing, is a poor **** in college. He still remembers that he was playing black with his roommate in the dormitory and playing League of Legends together. The magic power of the little mage has been stacked to 2000, and he is about to start a big kill and win five kills. Why suddenly Fainted, and came to this ghost place?

Suddenly, a memory came into his mind, Ye Qing hugged his head with both hands, with a painful expression, feeling that his head was about to explode.

Standing up, Ye Qing moved her body, adjusted to the new physical body, and sorted out her memory by the way.

In the three years of Broken Blade Sect, Ye Qing's cultivation base did not make any progress, and his girlfriend Lan Muer betrayed him and became the concubine of Tuobayu, a genius outside the sect.


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