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十一月 23, 2020

Beside Yueerquan, there is an inconspicuous three-story building. The exterior of this small building is earthy yellow, and it complements the poplar trees on the desert oasis. It seems that these buildings are part of the tree. If you don't get close, you really can't see it. This is the center of the desert, and very few people usually come here. This is a mysterious area, and few will know what this house is for.

It is just like the theory of Yin and Yang in ancient my country. Things are divided into yin and yang. Everything is divided into yin and yang. However, the world we know is the ‘right’ world, that is, the ‘yang’ world. And the world of ‘negative’ and the world of ‘yin’ are not well understood by us.

Modern countries want to develop anti-matter bombs first, and then apply them to military strikes, making their military unmatched. Now that all countries are scrambling to study this most advanced weapon, our country naturally cannot stand idly by.

And now this three-story building is shouldering an important historical responsibility, to be the first to successfully develop an anti-matter bomb and make our country a true oriental lion. This research base has been secretly researching here for three years.

The person in charge of this research base is called Zhao Zhongyao, an old man who is nearly 80 years old. Although he is very old, his bones are still strong, his spirit is gleaming, his eyes are energetic, and he can be described as old and strong. He was the first Chinese scientist in the world to discover antimatter. Originally, he could get the Nobel Prize, but for some reason, he missed the Nobel Prize. This has become a regret in his life.


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