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十一月 22, 2020

The young man surnamed Chen, the name is safe, and the mother died young. The porcelain of the town is extremely famous. Since the founding of the DPRK, it has taken on the heavy responsibility of “Fengyu Supervision and Burning Mausoleum”. There are officials of the court stationed here all the year round, supervising the kiln affairs. The helpless teenager, who had been a porcelain potter at an early age, could only do some chores at first, followed by a poor-tempered half-way master who had worked hard for a few years and just pondered the doorway of a little porcelain. As a result, the town was suddenly imperfect, and the town suddenly lost the official kiln to create this amulet. There were dozens of kiln-like kiln around the town, and all of them were shut down by the government overnight.

The boy still remembers clearly, the teacher who only admitted to being a half apprentice, surnamed Yao, was found sitting in a small bamboo chair in the early morning of the autumn and autumn, facing the direction of the kiln, closing his eyes. .

The town craftsmen who have only burned porcelain for generations have not dared to burn the tribute kiln, nor dare to sell the warehousing porcelain to the people. They have to find another way out. The 14-year-old Chen Pingan was also swept out. After returning to Mud Lane, I continued to guard this old house that had already been dilapidated. It was almost a bleak scene of the four walls of the family. It was Chen Ping’s desire to be a loser and no way to start.

I want to know that Chen Ping’an is not only weak, but his strength is not to be underestimated. This is the body of the young man who burned the porcelain in the past years. Besides, Chen Ping also followed the old man named Yao and ran all over the town. The mountains and rivers of the hundred miles have tasted the taste of all kinds of soil around them, and they are willing to do whatever they want, and they are willing to do it without any trouble. Unfortunately, Lao Yao always dislikes Chen Pingan. He dislikes the juvenile without understanding. It is not as good as the scorpion. It is far worse than the big apprentice Liu Yuyang. It is no wonder that the old man is eccentric. Master leads the door and practices in the individual. For example, it is also a boring blank. The short-term skill of Liu Yuyang is worth three years of hard work.

About every quarter of an hour, the teenager will rest for a little while, shaking his wrists, and repeating this cycle until the whole person is completely exhausted. Chen Pingan got up and walked in the courtyard while slowly stretching his muscles. No one has ever taught Chen Pingan these things, it is his own doorway.


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