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一月 05, 2021

What    sees in his eyes is the feasting and feasting, which is made up of wealth, prestige, and power.

The guns and corpses that were thrown away indiscriminately, the weird smiles and screams in the dark, the black dry blood...all the time, telling people who came here, under the glamorous exterior of this city, there is boundless hidden Sin and madness, anyone who despises it will be ruthlessly swallowed.

   The residents of this city like to use the names of villains they are familiar with to describe this city.

Some people say it is like a double-faced person, because of its ruthless choice, whether it is justice or evil, or order and chaos, it rotates crazily all the time. Destiny is like a coin, constantly being thrown up and down, making people involuntary. .

   Some people say it looks like a clown, because this city is simply crazy! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!


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