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语言: 汉语

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十一月 12, 2020

"Too lacking virtue! Too much!"

"God! You play me!"

Suddenly, a lightning struck in the sky. Although the "black charcoal ball" climbed into the tree next to it very quickly, the lightning seemed to have long eyes and turned a corner, splitting the "black charcoal ball". Are in front.

Just after the "black charcoal ball" fainted, a person fell in the sky and fell heavily on the ground dozens of feet away from the "black charcoal ball".

"God, it ’s not me who scolded you. You said that in the modern era, Yunjiu was mixed from a small beggar to an agent of a bull fork. He used the golden cicada to remove the shell and leave the organization. When he was about to enjoy a great life, why was he cut by a thunder Alright? "


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云家小九超皮哒 汉语 novel


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