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April 13, 2021

"Cook Hilton, now promote you to a first-class security guard, and report to the Security Department tomorrow!" Manager Yuli smiled and looked at Cook, and patted Cook on the shoulder affectionately, and handed a sheepskin scroll to Cook.

"Manager Yuli is so grateful that you are getting old. If you have anything to do when you are old, even if you tell me, I Cook will go through fire and water, and I will never die." Cook moved his face and held Yuli tightly with one hand. Manager's hand.

"Hehe, you can talk to me for anything in the future, and the price is good." Manager Yuli looked at the two gold coins in the palm of his hand and was very depressed. If he didn't lose the horse betting, why should he do it for these two? Gold coins to do such a transaction.

"That's, who doesn't know that Yuli is in charge of your kindness." Cook flattered with a smile on his face. In fact, he had already muttered in his heart: "As expected, he is a guy of Fox blood. I squeezed out my last cent, that's Lao Tzu's wife!"

"Haha, don't say anything, you are also ready to prepare, the guys in the security department are not good to deal with the guys in the room." Manager Yuli said with a smile, obviously it was a request for words.

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