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30 Chapters 3.15K views Chai Jidan Author 2020 Year

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April 02, 2021

"We had a qualifier yesterday. Through fierce competition, a total of 16 players entered the finals today..." The host sang their names, "Joy, Brown, Dai Gaogao, Xia Yao... "

Sixteen police officers dressed in uniforms appeared on stage, eight in eight beautiful, standing face to face in two rows, and bowed to the opponent. Brown stood in the left three position of the United States team, ninety degrees of squat, the diagonally opposite Xia Yao looked up from the head to the crotch, the corner of his mouth contains a smile that is not kind.

The start of the gunshots, two pairs of confrontation, the winner into the next round of competition.

The Sino-US Police Free Fighting Competition is a wonderful collision between two different martial arts schools and cultural schools in China and the West. The Chinese police are known for their leg skills and are extremely unusual. The United States used heavy punches as a killer and made a battle for the enemy. And Brown is a savage squad of the US team.

In the first game, Brown played against Zhou Huaqiang.

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