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September 22, 2020


On Divine Secret Mountain, Cloud’s End Cliff was the most harmful of the four deadliest places on Azure Cloud Continent. Cloud’s End Cliff was often called the Grim Reaper’s cemetery. During the countless years, people that fall off this cliff were far too many to count; none survived, including three God-tier overlords whose power could lead them into the sky.

At this moment, on the edge of this cliff, a black haired black eyed youth leaned on the side of a rock that measured two people in height. There was blood everywhere on top of his black clothing with many open wounds on his person. He was on the rock for just a few breaths worth of time yet under his feet was already a pool of blood.

His chest heaved and it could be said that the pace at which he breathed was heavy enough to cause fear in a person. On his entire body, every one of his muscles trembled slightly indicating his exhaust and loss of strength. If it weren’t for this giant rock, he probably would not even be able to stand on his own. However, both of his eyes were cold and calm like two cold blades, shining with the ferocity of wolves. The edge of his mouth sneered with extreme disdain.

In front of him stood a dark crowd of people that have blocked all his escape routes.

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