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October 15, 2020

The young man opened the door, threw his coat on the sofa, and returned to his bedroom. He lay lazily on the bed, pulled out his mobile phone and started sliding.

His name is Zhang Guan, an ordinary single dog.

Zhang Guan works in the Sports Bureau, which is a kind of job with a low salary and low wages. On weekdays, he steals stocks at work and returns home to play games. In addition, Zhang Guan’s family economic conditions are acceptable, and food and clothing are not worrying. Life is nourishing.

Playing mobile games has become Zhang Guan's biggest hobby in recent times. At the moment, he is holding a mobile phone and the searchers have recently commented on some new mobile games.

Suddenly, the phone screen went completely black, Zhang Guan frowned and pressed the start button, but nothing happened.

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