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24 Chapters 615 views 羽林都督 Author 2020 Year

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April 10, 2021

"Red Alert: Found an emergency energy burst, distance 0. 005 light years, energy level 5S, suspected supernova explosion! The energy warehouse was hit by cosmic rays, and space cannot be jumped during troubleshooting!"

Lin Xi quietly looked through the huge porthole of the ship to watch the huge star in front of the sudden explosion of life, a deep red sphere with a mass of about 100 times the sun.

"This star should have at least 100,000 years of life, isn't it? Zero!" Lin Xi sighed, his straight and thin figure stood quietly.

"The universe is always full of accidents, and it will be met sooner or later. In the past 32 years, the owner has successfully evaded nearly a hundred accidents, traveled millions of light years, spread over three Galaxy-class galaxies, and found a full foot. Six planets suitable for human habitation have become the greatest interplanetary explorers in the Federation!"

Lin Xi’s ear echoed a light female voice, which is his intelligent core and the only companion on the long road - zero.

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