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Black Iron’s Glory english

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September 21, 2020


The silver moon hung high in the sky and cast its clear, silver light down on the world in bright waves. Opposite it, the crimson moon clung bloodily onto the blue veils of the night sky.

“Claude, it’s ten already! Why are you still awake?! You have school tomorrow! We’ve already spent six riyas on oil this month!” a woody male voice boomed into the room.

A youthful face lifted its gaze from its desk, gazing at the competing grey and crimson night sky hemispheres. The face turned to the oil lamp, whose little flame licked lazily at the darkness in the room, and blew it out, letting a thin trail of smoke drift out of the window into the night. The figure to which the face was attached slowly rose from its hard, wooden seat. It drifted over the wooden floor to a bed nearby and descended onto it silently. The bed creaked like a heavy skeleton as it settled under the figure’s weight. The same woody voice continued to echo complaints from the bottom of the stairs. The figure’s gaze shifted once again to the desk, staring at the grey-brown surface, now lit solely by the pale moonlight.

Half a year, the figure thought, half a year since I came to this world.

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Black Iron’s Glory english novel

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