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March 20, 2021

"Bitch, don’t think you’re a queen. It’s not a big deal. If the emperor didn’t look at the empress’s face, you wouldn’t even be a servant slave, and you wouldn’t get out and stand here and do something. When the emperor woke up, you would personally push you. Go out?" The sharp voice with a deep sarcasm made people very harsh.

"Demon Princess, please pay attention to your remarks. The emperor is unconscious. As a queen, the palace naturally has to wait beside the emperor. As for what the emperor wakes up to do, it is the emperor's business. The palace has no right to ask!" Wen Run The voice is bland without any anger, as if the person insulted him!

"You! Huh, pretend to be tall, everyone in the palace knows that what the emperor hates most is your pretending to be tall and clear!" The sharp voice is more pretentious, but it is not difficult to hear the anger and anger!

The person who gradually woke up in a coma finally opened his eyes stimulated by this sharp voice, a pair of black eyes passed the strange red light of gold, and looked coldly at the man who was still clamoring!

"Shut up, get out!" The abnormally hoarse female voice with a chilling anger, all the people around were startled, and the master of this voice was also stunned, and his face was in a trance, everything happened. Think of it...

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Blood-Sucking Empress english novel

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