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November 05, 2020

In the sky outside the window, the sky has been covered with dark clouds, and from time to time there was a "rumbling" thunder.

Gao Ying walked into his own examination room and checked the examination certificate to sit on the seat, which is a corner position near the window. In the examination room, the candidates mostly waited quietly for the upcoming college entrance examination. Some people also looked out of the window from time to time, complaining about how it rained in the two days of the college entrance examination. What if the thunder was too loud during the English exam?

Gao Ying placed 2B pencils, water pens, admission tickets, etc. on the table and began to wait for the college entrance examination bell. He has confidence in the College Entrance Examination. He has been in the mock test in the last half of the third year of high school. He is among the best in his grades. He is the male **** of learning in the minds of countless people.

The roar of thunder became more and more frequent, which aggravated the already tense atmosphere in the classroom. Some people gathered together to discuss the topic of this year's college entrance examination essay to alleviate this slight depression. atmosphere. Gao Ying looked at the entrance of the university outside the window from time to time, where there were a large number of parents who were gathering, and some parents even took precautions to fight the umbrella. His parents are naturally among them, expecting him to get a good grade. Even if he has excellent grades, after all, his first choice is the Fudan Journalism Department, known as the "First Department in the World". It is self-evident how difficult it is to test.

Suddenly ... a thunder suddenly exploded in the sky, and Gao Ying's heart shuddered at this moment!

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Devil’s Examination english novel

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