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30 Chapters 73 views Xiami XL Author 2020 Year


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November 11, 2020

He is an orphan without a father and a mother. He has no name. From the time he was remembered, he was able to rush to eat wild cats and wild dogs in the garbage dump at the age of four. Even if he was scratched and scratched, he was still very Lived strong.

He hopes that he can be like a fairy, flying in the air, arrogant, changing his own destiny, so take his name as Xuanyuan, because at a time, begging, he once heard a fortune teller , muttering to himself, Xuanyuan Emperor, pressure on the eight wild, four Yis surrender, a generation of emperors...

When he was five years old, there was a good old man who took him with him as a xiǎo乞丐. This old man really hurts him in his heart and taught him a lot of ways to survive. When Xuanyuan was seven years old, he let He went to school, and the old man told Xuanyuan.

"I am old, not far from death, but I can't let you call me a huā child for a lifetime. People look down and hurt you for a lifetime. Only reading is the only way out. You are a smart person. Children, as long as you are willing to study, and grow up in the future, into the big city, the girl of the water Lingling stands in a row for you to choose, you don’t have to follow the old lady, I peek at Zhao’s bath, so cold...”

On the first day of school, Xuanyuan was crying and going to school while walking. The child is also very smart. No matter what the language, mathematics or English are, it is almost a pass. The results are excellent to two levels, until high school. They are all the champions of the city. The school knows his situation. It is a very poor student. He will save all his tuition fees and many subsidies.

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Devouring The Heavens english novel

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