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November 09, 2020

Qitai 33 years

The middle-aged man wearing bright yellow dragon robes is drawing brightly on the desk in the study room of Xuande Hall Royal Palace. On the paper is a young man wearing a palace service, with a thin figure and a handsome face. There was a small smile on his face next to a small painter's delicate pavilion.

"Yuanfu, come and see. Doesn't the painting look like you?" Xuanyuan Han asked the **** Yuanfu, the **** consul who was waiting. Yuan Fu has been the housekeeper general for more than 30 years. He is several years older than the emperor. Two frosts are white and his face is covered with deep wrinkles. Yuan Fu sighed secretly in his heart. He replied, "Return to the emperor, the slave looked at the appearance of Lin Guiren when he was vague."

"Like what" Xuanyuan Hancheng whispered, in fact, the boy's appearance was a bit vague in his memory. The deepest thing to remember is that the boy has big watery eyes and a pair of small dimples, which are extraordinarily cute and cute. Thinking of the young man's last blood-stained smile, the scene of that night thirty years ago, as long as he remembered, he still stung his heart.

Yuanfu knew that the emperor was thinking about Lin Gui again. Today is the birthday of the emperor. Naturally, the emperor's birthday was to feast the harem hundred officials. But the birth of the emperor for the past 30 years has been taboo in the palace, and what happened at the emperor's birthday banquet 30 years ago has always kept people from knowing it.

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