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September 23, 2020

Because it is too hot, it is the weather in August now, when the hottest time in Wuhan, the temperature has exceeded 40 degrees. The Internet cafes are more comfortable because of the air conditioner, but this one is really unacceptable when people go out.

"Wei Wei, can you get Qiansa in the house?" A little boy asked one of the boys, about 170 in height.

"It's a bit difficult," said Wei Wei, frowning. "Mom's damn, it's too much. My old man is as fine as a rabbit, and he doesn't know how tight he is. He can't get it. Huihui, all thought about it all at once. "

"I still want a chicken dung, my old man guards me more tightly than your old man, it's all about me as a thief. Lin Yang, you!" The little man named Huihui said in a book in a gloomy mood. Another boy was almost the same as Wei Wei.

"Don't see me, you all know, I'm so poor as a ghost. I can't help it." Lin Yang shrugged helplessly, but then started to complain with depression. "GRD (*), now it ’s getting harder and harder to get money. In the past, when you were legendary, you could have dozens or hundreds of dollars every day. .Now the money for a day is not even 6 yuan for a night! "

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