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Douluo’s Heavens Lottery System english

60 Chapters 78 views Yong Ye Si Chen Author 2020 Year



Language: english

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February 12, 2021

The sky was just getting bright, and the fiery red sun had not yet revealed its head in the eastern sky.

In this faint morning light, not even many adults in Shenghun Village got up.

But in a house at the end of Shenghun Village, a young man dressed in white, with short silver-white hair and light purple eyes, looked very handsome, had already got up and washed and was about to leave the house.

The boy's name is Baige Fabiro. This name may sound a little weird. It is because Baige's mother's surname is Bai and his father's surname is Fabiro.

Therefore, after negotiation, the parents gave Baige the name of Fabiro.

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Douluo’s Heavens Lottery System english novel

Chapter List

  1. 1 The upcoming Wuhun awakening
  2. 2 The system may be late, but will never b
  3. 3 Lottery system and novice gift packs
  4. 4 Task: Participate in the Wuhun awakening
  5. 5 The waste martial soul blue silver grass
  6. 6 It’s a waste of martial spirit again
  7. 7 The stubborn Tang Hao, head to Notting C
  8. 8 Arrived at Notting College, Dark Iron Ra
  9. 9 Why complain and report complaints direc
  10. 10 Master debut, new task: Apprentice Maste
  11. 11 Successfully apprentice and become a wor
  12. 12 The dismissal from Wang Sheng, handsome
  13. 13 Defeat Wang Sheng, go to Tang San!
  14. 14 Tang San vs. Xiao Wu, big sister head Xi
  15. 15 Regarding the bedding problem, note the
  16. 16 Canteen conflict, chance encounter with
  17. 17 Master’s concern, Tang San’s second
  18. 18 The development direction of Wuhun, the
  19. 19 I really don’t have a second martial a
  20. 20 The strongest plant is Wuhun, named Moyu
  21. 21 Assign cleaning area, the first night in
  22. 22 Two consecutive draws, master-level cook
  23. 23 Departure and gift selection
  24. 24 Arrive in the hunting forest, enter
  25. 25 Dangerous hunting forest, set up camp
  26. 26 Mandala snake now, task: firstblood!
  27. 27 Last fight, join forces to kill the snak
  28. 28 Absorb spirit ring, blue silver grass ch
  29. 29 Looking for bloodstained black thorn vin
  30. 30 A clever trick to kill poison ivy, Bai G
  31. 31 The first soul skill: Strangling thorns,
  32. 32 Returning to the academy, innately full
  33. 33 Demonstrate soul skills, practice plan
  34. 34 The luxurious Wuhun branch hall, goodbye
  35. 35 Soul power level 15, Matthew Nuo's surpr
  36. 36 Matthew Nuo's regret, but failed to find
  37. 37 Xiao Wu’s notice, the evening match
  38. 38 New mission: Noordin boss, Xiao Chenyu's
  39. 39 The duel began, the goal: one wear all!
  40. 40 The shock caused by the centuries-old sp
  41. 41 Battle, Xiao Chenyu surrendered
  42. 42 Three consecutive draws, a good harvest!
  43. 43 Go to noble hall
  44. 44 Enter the noble hall
  45. 45 Find fault and negotiate
  46. 46 With the arrival of Mrs. Marlena, techno
  47. 47 White Songs Six Years Later (1)
  48. 48 White Songs Six Years Later (2)
  49. 49 Baige six years later (3)
  50. 50 Tang Sanhe returns, Flanders visits
  51. 51 Showing medicated food, Flanders' shock
  52. 52 Arrive in Soto City, look for a hotel
  53. 53 Rose Hotel, Tang San's entanglement
  54. 54 Hotel conflict, evil eyes white tiger
  55. 55 Bai Ge's temper, fighting Dai Mubai
  56. 56 One yellow and two purple, Dai Mubai's s
  57. 57 White Tiger King Kong changes, Dai Mubai
  58. 58 Dai Mubai gave up and Bai Ge became his
  59. 59 Play in Soto City, and accomplish the mi
  60. 60 The wretched uncle is unhappy, my name i

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