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October 14, 2020

Chapter One The City People Are Too Bad

Xia Yan was carrying a bulging denim backpack, wearing fifteen t-shirts, thirty-one denim shorts, and a pair of pull-back shoes, standing outside the north gate of Sihe University.

In his arms was a ** with 10,000 yuan in it, including three thousand from the villagers and seven thousand from the master.

When he was born, his mother died of dystocia. On the eve of the college entrance examination, when his father who was working at the construction site of Rongdu was sent back, he was seriously injured and was dying. The medical fee paid by the construction company is only one hundred thousand.

** After struggling with the sickbed for a month, my father also went, and the 100,000 yuan, along with the small savings in the family, had already been spent.

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