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October 20, 2020

This is a wide terrain like the Grand Canyon, surrounded by a steep **** of five or six meters high, and the middle is the dusty Gobi.

The cloudless sky, the fireball-like sun is so hot that the surface of the Gobi, which barely sees trees and vegetation, reaches a temperature of more than 45 degrees.

Ordinary people like this kind of weather are absolutely afraid to go out because it is impossible to endure this horrible heat.

However, at this time, a group of people sat on three exaggerated black convertibles, and rushed to "hund" in the middle of the canyon!

Some of these people wore heavy alloy armor, some with flashing energy swords, some wearing robes embroidered with mysterious symbols, others wearing military helmets, wearing camouflage combat uniforms, and carrying shapes in their hands. A strange assault rifle.

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Fatal Shot english novel

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