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30 Chapters 807 views Qiū Shuǐlíng Er Author 2020 Year


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October 17, 2020

Suddenly, a rush of snoring broke the silence of the evening, and the villagers who had no time to make dinner ran out of the door and flocked to the entrance to the village.

If something goes wrong, there must be something big.

Whose mother's wife ran? Or which man is going to the mountain to hunt and call the wild boar to arch? Or is the servant in the government office coming over to pull people to do servitude?

The villagers, with nervous and uneasy emotions, went to the entrance of the village and saw a man tied to a tree under the banyan tree that had died for a few years, a woman with a good look.

I saw her ragged clothes, messy hair, panic-speaking panic, and the big guy couldn’t understand.

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