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April 25, 2021

The cold wind blew through the cracks in the earth wall, and it sounded like a ghost crying late at night. A shadow in the corner shrank. The cell was dark, and it was not clear whether the shadow in the corner was a person or a mass.

Suddenly a dim light outside shook and finally cleared the clump of things in the corner, a dirty woman.

Exactly a girl. Even at this time, she could still see her beautiful face contour with blood on her face.

She should have been younger than the flowers and lived in the high gate courtyard carefree. But at this time her whole body was covered with bloodstains, dark red and dark red, blending with the night.

Her long hair was tangled like a mess of seaweed. The thin layer of clothing was piecemeal, barely covering the **** marks on his body.

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