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December 14, 2020

Shen Yibin has loved animals since he was a child. He always liked to take his own dog out for a walk. After graduating from college, he found a job and worked for two years. After saving some money, he decided to open a pet shop by himself. This facade has a total of two floors and more than 200 square meters. The first floor is paving, about 100 square meters. Now he has cleaned it up. The place facing the door is where he usually stays, a simple reception A computer with a computer on it. When nothing is wrong, you can swipe the webpage and play games to consume time.

The right hand side is where you plan to put your pets, but it is still empty. You need to contact the merchant to send cats, dogs, etc .; there are two sofas on the left hand side for guests to rest and negotiate business; the stairs are on the On the right side, the space behind the staircase was not wasted, and he separated a small house to store debris.

As for the upstairs, where he rests, the two-bedroom, one-living room layout, the kitchen, bathroom, balcony and everything are available, but it saves him to rent another house.

Nowadays, people's life is getting more and more stressful, and they will inevitably feel lonely in the city, so having a pet has become one of their best choices to eliminate loneliness and adjust their mood. The street where Shen Yibin lives is in the cloud The bustling commercial street in the city, from the perspective of customers who come in and out of the store, their business is quite good, so Shen Yibin is very optimistic about his wealth prospects. Based on my understanding of the pet market, how can it be better than them? Bad?

After patrolling around the store again, and found that there were no omissions, Shen Yibin hummed with satisfaction and went up to the second floor. I just forgot to bring my mobile phone when I went downstairs, so I went up and let them ship, and we can officially open tomorrow. .

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