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Gamers of the Underworld english

30 Chapters 1.45K views Blue-white Sky Author 2020 Year

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October 14, 2020

Sherlock bought this dungeon that was abandoned in the core, not because of the sales of the succubus lady of the sales department, but also because of the glare and hidden rules from time to time, not because of the core of this dungeon. It is surrounded by stinky, hard and worthless diamonds, not because of the one-day distance from the entrance to the nearest surface world. This means that Sherlock will only need one day to go to the surface world, but the various kinds of the surface world. It takes only one day for the race of the bright camp to crusade him.

The reason why I bought this geographical environment is extremely poor, and the danger is extremely high. Even the underground city that has been abandoned and needs a lot of effort to restart is not the challenge of Sherlock, but because this underground city is the cheapest in the entire underground world. The underground city is gone.

Saying that there are more complaints, Sherlock is a man with ambition and goals. Instead of complaining, it is better to spend more time thinking about restarting the core of the underground city and start his great project!

"Enter the magic, and then cover a personal private seal..." Sherlock stood in front of the abandoned dull core, holding the "Dungeon Operation Manual" from the sales lady to start the dungeon step by step. The core is over.

When most of the magic power was entered, and the tired ones were already exploding, Sherlock took out his personal private seal and covered it with the blood of his own blood.

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Gamers of the Underworld english novel

Chapter List

  1. 1 First test player and eternal kingdom an
  2. 2 Everything is ready
  3. 3 The first batch of first test players
  4. 4 First death player
  5. 5 Dungeon monster illustration
  6. 6 The player's first test strategy
  7. 7 Equipment and prestige and opening of ne
  8. 8 I almost didnâ??t scare it.
  9. 9 First magic prop
  10. 10 It turned out to be a brother.
  11. 11 Shopping transaction
  12. 12 Little fairy (top)
  13. 13 Little fairy (bottom)
  14. 14 Skill trainer
  15. 15 Special talent
  16. 16 First combat training
  17. 17 Special task
  18. 18 Brave Warrior [�川�子]
  19. 19 The Lord Lord is really unfathomable!
  20. 20 New veins and new land reclamation!
  21. 21 Playersâ?? pioneering battles and Simbaâ
  22. 22 Dog planning!
  23. 23 0.01 version update log
  24. 24 The first test activity notice: Lindongc
  25. 25 Player's behavior change (request for re
  26. 26 Caravan captain Nicholas (recommended ti
  27. 27 Don't scare you (request for a ticket)
  28. 28 Desperate player
  29. 29 Don't ask, squat
  30. 30 Lindongcheng caravan activity evaluation
  31. 8 I almost didn’t scare it.
  32. 18 Brave Warrior [梅川酷子]
  33. 21 Players’ pioneering battles and Simbaâ
  34. 31 It’s big! (Seeking a recommendation)
  35. 32 End of the event and the ooze?
  36. 33 New troubles for players (request for ti
  37. 34 Main line mission and mission sense (req
  38. 35 Task first
  39. 36 I have a bold idea
  40. 37 Open strange (request for recommendation
  41. 38 Piled up land reclamation (repair)
  42. 39 Players' tactics (request for votes)
  43. 40 Oh, Goblin (three more recommended votes
  44. 41 Distribution of rewards (with skirt numb
  45. 42 New carpenter (recommended ticket)
  46. 43 0.02 version update log (recommended)
  47. 44 Legendary equipment and letters (request
  48. 45 Hidden task release (1/2 request ticket)
  49. 46 New system (2/2 for recommendation) (rep
  50. 47 Wild beetle beast (first more) (repair)
  51. 48 Touch, lick, pull (second more)
  52. 49 Meng new group business negotiation (fir
  53. 50 This scene has not been seen (second mor
  54. 51 Is there a similar game? (first more)
  55. 52 Some of my Goblin friends (second more f
  56. 53 What is a copy (first recommended ticket
  57. 54 Let’s start the game (the second is to
  58. 55 Did you give them medicine? (First, ask
  59. 56 I am - Pei Mannoroth Root (second more t
  60. 57 Sherlock is too responsible (first recom

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