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October 22, 2020

In the huge library of Huaxia University of Science and Technology, the central air conditioner is running at full power, and the cooling air is emitted from the fan mouth, which brings a cool air to the entire library.

As a heavy-duty university, the academic style of Huaxia University of Science and Technology is not bad. Although it has just started, there are many people in the library. These students sit quietly and read through the computer in the library. E-books, when you see the key points, you will bury your head down and write down in the book you brought.

In the corner of the library, Cheng Yuan was sitting blindly in front of the computer, motionless, no focus in his pupils.

If someone stands close and looks carefully at his pupils, he will find a very sci-fi picture on his dark eyes.

Unfortunately, no one around has noticed Cheng Yuan's anomalies, and they still dwell on their own information.

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