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30 Chapters 1.85K views Mingjing Yi Fei Tai / 明镜依非台 Author 2020 Year


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November 09, 2020

Chen Anxia, ​​male, 26 years old, a standard otaku. His hobbies are watching cartoons and writing. Well, he is writing online novels.

Of course, in order to write a good novel, Chen Anxia usually read a lot of books. It can be said that Chen Anxia’s life is mainly about watching anime, reading and writing.

Because of this, Chen Anxia is still a single mother and baby until now. Originally, Chen Anxia thought that she would spend such a turbulent life, until...the day came.

In August, it was a hot summer day when the hot sun scorched the ground, and the air seemed to be distorted by the high temperature.

With long standard otaku hair, wearing beach pants, short sleeves, and slippers, his face is ******, and looks somewhat shabby. Chen Anxia is walking on the street at the moment.

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