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November 09, 2020

   There were more than 20 people on the field, wearing red and blue jerseys to fight.

The current situation is that the red team forms a siege on the blue team around the penalty area, but the blue team has a solid defense, the red team does not score, and as long as the threatening attack hits the dangerous zone, the blue team’s goalkeeper will not be used at all. The central defender took the lead and released the ball from the sideline.

   seems to be unable to attack for a long time, the red team forward mentality is a bit impatient. No, it was easy to receive a direct pass from the midfielder to form an opportunity for a single-handed ball, and finally got rid of the defender, but he directly kicked the ball in the penalty area. As a result, the blue goalkeeper calmly pressed the ball sideways. Under the body.


   "Beep beep!"

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