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59 Chapters 184 views Half-Drunk Wanderer Author 2020 Year

This book is a work that Youzi prepared for a long time. It is the advantage of Youzi to absorb "Dark Blood Path" and abandon the works of the same theme written by the shortcomings. Although the theme is similar, there will be many shadows of blood path, but there are many Innovation, there will be a lot of freshness in the general structure and settings!

First of all, Youzi would like to thank you for your support. In the past few days, although the performance was not high, the book review area was very lively, with many new and old faces. I hope everyone can keep it. Basically, as long as it is a book review, you will reply. You are welcome to join in and interact with you.

The Dragon Suite is not open for the time being because the early plot is compact and it is not easy to insert characters. When there are more and more characters in the back, the dragon set is recruited.

The new book has just set sail. I hope everyone can vote more and promote it so that more people can see it.

Thank you for your support.

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