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November 07, 2020

As a lawyer, he should have been calm and should not have such a hurry and panting moment, but it has been too long since Ning Wan’s last return to her hometown, so that before leaving this time, Ning Wan’s mother couldn’t help pulling She said a few more words, so she almost missed the train.

Fortunately, Ning Wan wore casual pullover jeans and a pair of white shoes, and it was very easy to run.

Because of the peak of the New Year's return journey, the second-class seats were fully sold out. The seat she booked this time was the first-class seat, and the price almost doubled. Fortunately, after entering the car, the loose aisle and the quiet atmosphere were still much. Relieved Ning Wan's bleeding heart. Although she sounded like a tall lawyer, her income was not high.

She put large pieces of luggage on the luggage rack in front of the carriage, and found her seat according to the ticket number. The first-class seat had only two seats on one side. Ning Wan’s seat was in the aisle without accident. Her neighbor seat People are already seated.

A particularly handsome man is one who is not easy to forget even with a glance.

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