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December 16, 2020

"When..." A glass fell on the ground and the tea overflowed. A beautiful woman wearing a cheongsam stood at the door, staring at the crazy laughter, and said for a while, "I am not successful, have you succeeded? Really successful?"

Mo Wuji saw the beautiful woman at the door, knowing that Ruin was coming to give him tea. If Yin is obviously the same as him, he was shocked by the news. This was excited and he dropped the cup on the ground.

"Ruin, there is absolutely no mistake this time. I just tasted a half bottle, I can clearly feel that a meridian has been opened up, it is like a fire line burning, and then the meridians gradually expand. At this moment, the meridians are still developing, we succeeded. ""

Mo Wuji took the porcelain bottle and excitedly walked over to the woman and grabbed her hands. "If this is the case, I have to let you take care of me over the years. You have worked hard. We are here. Just get married, then open a company that specializes in producing this kind of medicinal solution. I believe that our company will soon sensationalize the whole world."

The woman finally calmed down and still trembled and said, "Is the prescription closed?"

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