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November 22, 2020

Covering the entire universe are the seven major forces, the Universe Network Company; Cosmic Bank; the Cosmic Mercenary Union (Cosmic Mercenary Union includes, the Magic Gods Union, the Valkyrie Union, the Union of Practitioners, the Union of Ministries, and the Alliance of Powers) Arena; Pharmacist Union (Magic Pharmacist Union, Pharmacist Union, Alchemist Union); Magic Technology Alliance; Cultivation Technology Alliance. These seven forces are the strongest forces in the universe on the bright side of the universe, while the three major forces in the dark are: the Temple of Death; the Palace of the Devil; the Sea of ​​Undead. These super forces are all mysterious, they are beyond the ordinary eighteenth-level civilization.

The infinite interstellar civilization, the Dika Empire is an eight-level magic technology civilization. It has a rich star field. This star field has 327 life planets and more than 10,000 mineral stars. The Dika Empire is at level 8. Civilization is also powerful. I don't know how many trillion years this ancient empire has existed. All civilizations above level 3 have thousands of years. Million years is the basic requirement for promotion to level 3 civilization. All stages must meet the corresponding time and technology standards.

Deca Star is the capital of the Deca Empire. At 19:00, March 25, 9562, Cosmo Time, in the Deca Empire Palace, the 245-year-old contemporary Dika Emperor, Dodecica. Sitting on the magnificent hall to discuss state affairs with the ministers. At this time, the terminal of His Majesty Dickie Dicka received a message and said to everyone with a smile: "I have another daughter, pink hair and purple eyes, this is my eighty-third child!" The emperor looked Calm, so that the ministers below cannot hear the emperor's words.

The ministers listened to a quiet moment. The Minister of Science and Technology, Belle Bert Enslang, responded with a smile and said, "Congratulations, Your Majesty, on having a magical talent, this is the blessing of our entire Dika Empire. , Our empire will be even more brilliant under your leadership! It ’s great! "The ministers all reflected, and a sound of congratulations sounded, congratulations with magical talent! Pink hair is one of the hallmarks of magicians in the whole department, and purple eyes are the characteristics of the Lear family. The empire stipulated that only ordinary people without talents such as magic, martial arts, mental power, and abilities could inherit the emperor. The empire stipulated that each of his Majesty can only reign for three hundred years. Ordinary people have a life span of three hundred years. In 2001, every child born to His Majesty may become a contender for the throne. So when the emperor said he had one more child, the ministers did not dare to congratulate him directly.

After congratulations, Prime Minister Cadiz Rantville, stood out from the crowd: "His Majesty, Ambassador Luo of the eighth level of science and technology civilization, Hong Feng enters His Majesty!"

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