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March 02, 2021

After working for a few days in a row, he was still stuck in the small compartment to heat the car. Why was he dizzy and distressed? He was upset because of the traffic jam. He moved forward like a turtle, while still communicating with his subordinates on his mobile phone. Several times almost rear-end. It was almost ten o'clock when he got home, just a few seconds from when he opened the car door to when he opened the umbrella. Because the rain was too heavy, he was showered with a face. In the late autumn season, the raindrops hit the skin, just like the ice dumplings.

When he went upstairs, his footsteps were weary.

The key, the keyhole, opened in one turn. Why is it that the brain was awake immediately when it got excited.

Across the door panel, there seemed to be a sound from a game console.

he came.

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