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October 13, 2020

On the projection screen of the classroom, the screen of "restricted level" is being played, but the protagonist is not a hot male or female, but a pair of chimpanzees are seeking courtship. The process of land allocation - don't misunderstand, this is just the psychology and physiology of middle school students. The special content of the Healthy Growth Course has been broadcasted in many school classrooms, but in the 7th Middle School of Xiayang City, this time is still the premiere, so many boys have been excited about playing chicken blood. I thought that I could see some of the long-awaited "big movies" that would make them **** and restrictive.

Although many boys have seen the "big movies" from the island countries or Europe and the United States in private, they are basically in the sneaky situation, and this kind of bright, dozens of people watching at the same time. And the fact that accompanied by girls in the same class is definitely the first time.

At this time, Fangfei was in April, but the sunshine in Xiayang City has always been abundant, and it has already felt some summer.

In order to ensure the viewing effect, the curtains are pulled up, the air flow is lacking, and the electric classroom is a bit stuffy. Although there are three old antique ceiling fans on the head, the speed of the old **** is obviously difficult to achieve heat dissipation. The effect, watching the film soon, Qin Lang has been sweating.

Qin Lang was transferred to this national key high school this morning. I didn't expect the first class to be an educational film.

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