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December 04, 2020

Recalling that she was still asleep in the morning, she heard a call from someone saying that Chen Meng had been taken to the hospital. Before she could think about it, she called a taxi and flew over.

Unscrewing the door handle, Li Zhuoen saw Chen Meng lying on the bed with her right foot in plaster. At this time he frowned slightly, his expression looked a bit painful.

"Chen Meng, what happened?" Li Zhuoen glanced at his right leg in plaster, feeling very distressed, wasn't it good when they met yesterday, why didn't he just lie down overnight? Where is the hospital bed?

"Zuo En, calm down and listen to me," Shen Yiren, who was standing by the bed, took the first step before Chen Meng spoke. "Chen Meng had a car accident when he went out to see his customers today."

Hearing Shen Yiren's words, Li Zhuoen only thought about his injury, and didn't have time to bother about any car accident. She looked at him on the leg of plaster: "The doctor said, how is your leg? How long will it take to rest? "

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