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October 13, 2020

On the grassland, several lionesses are quietly approaching the gazelle drinking water by the river. This is their target today. They condense their footsteps, approached their prey quietly under the cover of the grass, and suddenly launched an offensive less than two meters from the single adult gazelle.

Soon, the gazelle fell unwillingly into a pool of blood. The lionesses put their front paws on the gazelle's body and made a long tweet, calling the male lion and his children to come to eat.

The lion Ghana is a strong and sturdy lion, and his brother Ryan is a well-deserved ruler in this group of nine lionesses. When they came to the prey, Ghana and Ryan unceremoniously enjoyed the prey, chewing on the gazelle still fresh blood, while the lionesses stood beside them, waiting quietly for the two male lions After eating, just go and enjoy your own. By the time of the little lions' turn, there was not much prey left.

At this time, the strong and older little lions swarmed up, and directly and arrogantly pushed their weaker brothers and sisters to one side, chewing at their prey, not even leaving dregs to their siblings. A young lion rushed to his brother's feet unwillingly, trying to stop him from eating alone, and to get some benefits for himself, but his brother opened his paw without hesitation, and even saw the lion mother This scene did not say much.

The lions, Ghana and Ryan, were full, swaying leisurely on their own territory, and patrolling their own territories like a pampered king. The lionesses are responsible for hunting and breeding, and the male lions are responsible for defending the territory and defeating them when there are intruders. The division of the lion group has always been this way.

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