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October 13, 2020

There are two volumes of yin and yang in the 'Reverse Spirits', and those who need the body of 'Pure Yang and the veins' and 'the body of pure Yin and the veins' are trained to wait for the great achievements of the gods. There are also people who say that, except for the method of double repair, if one of the practitioners takes the other practitioners as the stove, and draws the other's skill, the power gained is even worse than the double repair, which can be overwhelmed, the sky is moving, and the sun and the moon. Same life.

Two volumes of 'Reverse Pulses' were in the world, and immediately set off a storm in the rivers and lakes. Numerous rivers and lakes were killed in this cruel battle, and finally ended with the disappearance of the ‘reverse pulse.’

However, what no one expected was that the 'reverse pulse of the gods' did not disappear, but fell to the hands of Xiao Lin, the devil of the underground palace. The cultivation of spiritual power requires pure yin and yang. Xiao Lin is the body of pure yang, but it is not the reverse pulse (the meridians reverse the growth).

The cultivation of this kind of magic is originally to enlarge the yang or yin in the body and then transform it into internal force. However, the so-called anode is yin and the cathode is yang. Once the yin and yang reach the limit, the reverse transformation will occur. The internal force that has just been cultivated disappears invisible and is light, and more serious will lead to madness, explosiveness, gender change, etc. as a result of. At this time, only the reversal of the meridians can make the two pressures of 'anode turning negative' or 'cathode turning yang' into a constant internal force.

Therefore, even if there is a pure yin and yang body, there is no reverse pulse, and cultivation of this magical power is empty talk. However, Xiao Lin’s talent is outstanding and intelligent. After ten years of hard research, he finally found a way to solve the reverse pulse. That is to take the woman’s body as the stove and absorb the yin to restrain the rising yang of the body and make it Can't reach the limit and reverse conversion.

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