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30 Chapters 1.04K views 秋十杀 Author 2020 Year

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November 04, 2020

The man took the water, wet the hair, the stream ran down the neck, stayed at the clavicle for a moment, and walked down his strong muscles. His lines were sharp and sexy, the water screamed, Su Shi nervous. It’s incredible.

He washed for a while and suddenly turned around. The system was excited: "Turned around and turned around, get ready, I will call you when I am three, and you will start running!"

"Oh oh!" Su Shi responded, and quickly threw the grass, took a deep breath, and turned into a furry little white fox.

Now he is a fox, but not before. He should have been an individual before, but unfortunately there is no memory, because it has been cleaned up by the system.

At that time, the system arrested him to complete the task, and did not make him refuse to go home. Su Shi cried and clashed, and finally squatted in the grass.

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