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October 12, 2020

On the edge of a small lake that is not very large, a young man in Tsing Yi, who is about seventeen or eight years old, sat by the lake, grabbed a stone by the lake and threw it out, and suddenly made a few waves at the lake.

Ye Xiwen was a bit stunned. He didn't think that he actually crossed. The original Ye Xiwen was just an ordinary college student on the earth in the 21st century. After a month, he only reacted afterwards. This is not someone who pranks with him. But, he really crossed.

It has been more than a month since I arrived in this world. He can slowly accept the facts. It is not here on the earth. Although the customs here are very similar to those of ancient China, he knows that this is not the earth, but a Called the place of Zhenwu.

This is a world of martial arts. A world where martial arts has proliferated for countless years, martial arts has produced a splendid civilization in this world. The powerful martial arts have been repaired to reach the top, to break mountains, to break mountains, and even to extend their life.

Ye Xiwen’s current identity is the third son of an elder in the Yuanyuan sect, and he is still a adopted child. His father, Ye Kongming, was brought back 18 years ago. This is not a secret in Zongli.

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