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October 16, 2020

There are very few trails on the mountain trails that are not the peak tourist season, and Lu Qiu's footsteps are anxious.

There was a heavy rain the day before yesterday, and two days after the big sun evaporated the rain on the stone stairs, but the two sides of the cliffs covered by thick trees were still very moist.

Lu Qiu raised the backpack on his back again and walked for a whole day. By this time, he was a bit tired. He felt soreness in his soles and his knees were a little soft.

It's not hot, but she still sweats a lot, and her fairer face is covered with sweat and flushing.

After pulling the bangs sticking on the forehead, Lu Qiu stopped and sat on the stone steps on the side, and took out the water bottle from the backpack (Mo). Uphill brought two bottles of water, this is the last two.

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