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60 Chapters 1.75K views Chen Ru Tai Ping Yang Author 2020 Year

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May 03, 2021

The world of dreams is familiar and unfamiliar, and different characters perform different kinds of wonderful things, and he actually experienced three different lives in this world!

The first life belongs to a singer named Xu Bo. His character is arrogant and arrogant, and he likes music madly. Although he has good talents, he can never be full of magnificence, like duckweed drifting around.

In the second paragraph of life, his name is Mo Ran, the actor, his appearance is calm and introverted. He has played different roles in many film and television works, but he is a supporting role, but his acting skills have always been the foil of others.

In the last section of life, Fang Mingyi is a freelance writer who likes music, movies, travel and food. He often carries his backpacks to the world, relying on the screaming style of screaming and screaming on the Internet.

Fate is wonderful, an occasional gathering, let Xu Bo, Mo Ran and Fang Mingyi know each other. Although they have different personalities, they still have a lot of common topics, so they become real friends.

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