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25 Chapters 1.49K views Sir Xu Shengzhi Author 2020 Year

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November 05, 2020

"Great, solemn, loving, Goddess Isis, the mother of the earth's abundance, and the hope of the living; God's power protects Eju, the never-ending light that shines on the world's King God of Horus; born in the beginning of the lotus, the nun who created everything God the Father, the Nine Union Gods at the source of the river of God, dominate all the gods of the earth and the sky! ... Please listen to my prayers and the instructions of the gods. Only the purest pious heart can get God's mercy. I May I dedicate everything to Isis, and please give me the tears of the gods ... "

Aiko-Maria was praying to the gods on a remote town on the border of the Hati Kingdom, which belonged to the Egyre Empire. In this desolate and remote place, the size of Duke Town is no small, it has hundreds of households and 2,000 residents. The town of Dashti is a nobleman with the title of Lord Hatti, and also has the status of a citizen of the Aegean Empire, and enjoys the citizen privileges of the Aegean Empire.

Such a remote town, the identity of the mayor is so prominent, of course, because of its special status. Duke Town belongs to the southernmost part of the Syrian city-state under the Haty Kingdom. The three things produced by Syria are the most famous. They are also the most important commodities of the Hati Kingdom's foreign trade and the most precious tributes to the Aju Empire: Iron, **** stone, snow fir.

Iron can create the sharpest weapons, especially the finest iron that can be refined by craftsmen. The armor and sword created by it are both sharp and tough. It is a symbol of strength, a guard and a weapon for plundering wealth. Many countries on this continent produce iron, but the output is still very limited, and iron production and trading are strictly monopolized by the government. The iron produced by Hati is the most famous. Although the iron output in Duke Town is not high, it produces very rare fine iron. Almost all the adults in the town are both miners and blacksmiths.

Cedar fir, which is produced in the western plateau of Hati and in the high mountains on the banks of the Youdi River, is the best shipbuilding material after soaking in cold water, drying, and baking in oil. The ships built with it can travel in the lakes, rivers and seas. It is not only an army for the war, but also a necessity for businessmen to travel to various countries. Duke Town does not produce cedar. Although it is the lush mountains and cedars that grow cedar in the east outside the town, it is unimaginable to cut down huge cedars and transport them out of the mountains.

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