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November 04, 2020

He touched his hungry stomach, and sat weakly beside a pile of collapsed containers. Chu Xiang found the walkie-talkie on his buttocks. "Song Jun, Song Jun, I'm Chu Xiang, what's the situation with you?"

The intercom hissed a few times, and there was a voice from Song Jun, "The oil tanks are empty, we can't add fuel. The Mercedes-Benz is now a pile of scrap iron. What's the situation with you?"

Chu Xiang licked his lips hard. "As you expected, there is no rat feces in it. It seems to starve to death even if it is not eaten by zombies. How can we survive in the next town without oil, I don't Be willing. "

Chu Xiang is 25 years old. He is one meter and eighteen years old. He looks handsome and a bit chic, but the young man's emotional experience has been too bumpy. He has been dumped by four girls since he was a child. His last girlfriend called Cheng Xue, three years younger than him, left Chu Xiang because her parents suspected of being poor and love rich, and finally was forced to come together with a high-ranking child. For this, Chu Xiang made the most painful decision in life and committed suicide.

However, Chu Xiang couldn't remember what happened after he jumped off the cliff. His memory stayed for a second before jumping off the cliff. When he woke up again, he realized that the world had changed, a species named T virus. Biological pathogens swept the earth. It spreads through the air. Only 10% of 7 billion humans have air-borne immunity. The remaining billions of humans have been infected by the T virus and became zombies.

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