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November 05, 2020

Inside, the bright and swaying candle reflected that the whole room was stained with a layer of warm red, but dressed in a kimono, tightly squatting on the robes and leaning against the sandalwood mirror, Shu Huan, in this overwhelming red But still pale and pale.

Khan under the rain, opened the delicate and heavy makeup on the cheeks, breathing heavily, still feel that the chest is so sulking that it is almost blasting, but she is not hot, she is panic, is afraid, hands and feet ice seems to be in the winter season There was no snow in the snow.

The man on the bed... that person he...

Although the temperature of the palm is higher than her, my face is white and there is no breathing!

This is the person she married. How can she marry the person who married him, how can she think that she would die in the cave house on the same day? !

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